What’s Stopping You?

Acts 8_35-36

Today we reach one of my favorite stories of the Bible -the Ethiopian Eunuch. When I read this story, the urgency the Eunuch displayed is convicting to me. He heard the word and instead of waiting for the perfect situation to react, he stopped at a body of water along the road and was baptized right there and then.

It makes me reflect on what is stopping us from that same pressing importance to obey?

In a glance through the internet, I found that somewhere between 80-90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. In my non-professionally certified mind, I have to believe that much of it has to do with the state of our passion for what we are resolving to change. If we find something that we really think is important to act on, would we wait until January 1st came along? No, we’d act on it immediately.

What do you need to do promptly? Have you been baptized? Are you studying scripture regularly? Do you need to be more active in your church family? What do you see that needs adjustment?

Will you wait for January 1st or follow the example of the eunuch and act on it urgently?


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