What Are You Filling Your Heart With?

Luke 645

(Let me start out by saying this first, this arrow points right back at me just as much as anyone else.)

Stop and reflect for a moment. What were you watching last night or reading or listening to? Where was your mind taken for that span of time?

What were you filling your heart with?

Were you in a space that enhanced your Christian walk or hindered it?Proverbs 423 (1)

What type of music do you typically listen to?

What type of movies do you typically watch?

What type of books do you typically read?

What are your friends and you interested in doing?

Again, what are you filling your heart with?

If the answer to the questions above involve worldly answers, what path are they taking you down?

The song, “Be careful little eyes what you see…” often takes me to a different place than intended. I know the song is about God watching what we are doing even when no one else is, but the opening lines of every verse also reflect what we are taking into our bodies.

You might feel safe because you are not out watching porn or reading 50 Shades of Grey, but are you watching or reading other things that are about sexual immorality in the name of entertainment? That innocent love affair in a best-seller is not so innocent in the eyes of God.

The lyrics you listen to might not be explicit, but what message are they leaving running in your head?

Colossians 423What kind of conversations are you involved in with your friends? Do they build up or tear down?

What are the thoughts in your mind? Are they set on things above, or earthly worries?

Again, what are you filling your heart with?

If, “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” then what is spilling back out of you from what you have brought in?



  1. Once again, thanks Mandy for your words of wisdom and difficult questions. I will definitely try to find an opportunity to use this in a Bible study sometime!


    • They are not easy questions to answer when you really try to apply them. So many seemingly harmless aspects of our everyday life fill our hearts with worldly things. It’s not until you sit down and really examine what you are exposing yourself to that you can see it. It is definitely a work in constant progress for me and not one of my strong points!

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