Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid–Gender Identity

As we read through Isaiah, we see the prophecies for countries that do not fear and honor the Lord. Isaiah describes in detail their fate. The only thing awaiting these kingdoms is utter destruction. I can’t help but to wonder how much longer our “Great Nation” has as we stray further and further from his words.

Twice in the last two days, without me searching for it, I have come across two articles asserting that we are wrong to assign gender to our children. One came from Facebook, which I am unable to locate, the other from the September issue of Parents magazine. Both articles asserted that we should not assign a gender to a newborn.

Per the Facebook article, the states of Washington, Oregon, and California are working on an alternate identity for birth certificates -“X”, so that parents can choose to not choose their baby’s gender. The writer was significantly bothered by the idea of gender reveal parties that pregnant couples have to announce the sex of their child because we should not be assigning that.

Parents magazine explained that much of what determines gender is environmentally imposed on our children based on gender stereotypes. Girls are more careful and cautious because we are more cautious with them. Boys are more rambunctious because we encourage that feature in them.

This is a major hot button subject for me!

If all this is true, then what has happened in the last two generations of my family? If gender is environmentally encouraged, someone forgot to tell my daughter and me.

My mom is all things feminine. She always has her hair, make-up, and nails done. Often she is in a dress or some other girlish outfit. She was never big into competitive sports. She embodies femininity, so when I was born, there was an assumption that I would be as well. Between my biological gender assignment and the environment my mother provided, I should have developed female characteristics.

Nope. I was spit from the womb all things tomboy. My mom said that when I was little she would put me in dresses, but it always looked more like putting a dress on a linebacker. She couldn’t pay me enough to worry about make-up and hair or pick out a dress instead of athletic apparel. I was so tomboyish that one of my nicknames was “Mandy the Man” or “The Man” for short. My mom and I have joked that really she had three sons and a daughter instead of two of each.

Then, my daughter came along. With my propensity toward all things boy, I could not provide a feminine environment to raise my daughter in. I have laughed that she is evidence God has a sense of humor. Instead of rearing a tomboy, I have one of the girliest girls I know. It is almost a waste for me to even buy shorts and t-shirts for her. She only wants to wear skirts and dresses. She always wants her hair done up. She pesters me to paint her nails. One day we were talking about putting a basketball hoop in her bedroom. Her request – “Could it be rainbow colors?”. Then, at camp this summer my tomboy heart soared as she caught a toad until she told me she named it “Tinkerbell”. She is a girly, girly, girl.

If we impose gender on our children through environment then why is my daughter the way she is? I certainly did not develop this tendency in her. It is who she is through and through.

Did God make a mistake when he made me? Did he give me the wrong chromosomes? Was he in error to give me the sexual organs that I have? I mean, I have always identified with boy things. Does that mean I really am a boy?


I am a girl. I am not confused at all about this. Even despite my nicknames, I have never wanted to be or considered myself a boy. I am a girl with a strong tomboy tendency.

This is the reason this subject gets me so riled up! Instead of accepting a range of female traits, we are now telling girls like me that because they have masculine personality traits that they might actually be a boy in a girl body. Could we promote the transgender agenda any more blatantly?

How confusing that might have been to me if I was raised in the moral culture our children are experiencing! Also, to me, to say I am actually male gendered in a female body would have conveyed the message that something was wrong with me. As I was raised, this was never the message. Being a tomboy was a normal variant of being a girl. I fear this is not the same message our children’s generation is receiving.

If we are all about acceptance these days, then why not accept differences in characteristics within each biologically assigned gender instead of saying gender does not really exist or that because girls are masculine than then they are really male gender and vice versa for boys.

There is a range of personality within each gender that should be celebrated without challenging the assignment God gave us from the moment he formed us. He does not make mistakes. He was not in error by giving me “XX” chromosomes. I am fearfully andPsalms1391415 wonderfully made and my soul knows it very well.

So, don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Don’t perpetuate this message to our children. Don’t put an “X” on your child’s birth certificate. We are made exactly how God intended. Please accept that and honor the differences within the binary assignment God has created. Let’s not make this any more confusing to this current generation. Teach them they are made exactly how God intended.

To me, it is funny that a culture that preaches acceptance is unwilling to accept God’s creation for what it is. They will promote everything but that. There is not a willingness to accept God and his majestic ways which leads me back to the prophet Isaiah. How much longer will God allow our nation to stand?

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