One Bible 365 Day Challenge

Based on the interest expressed, I am going to launch the One Bible 365 Day Challenge. I hope that you will join me on this journey!

Although it seems a bit odd, we are going to start officially with Proverbs on Tuesday, 7/17. I debated back and forth between starting in Genesis and starting where my Bible Reading Chart is at chronologically. My goal is that this is a long-term site. Lining up things with the chart means we can start with Genesis 1 each year on January 1st when many are making their resolutions to read through the Bible in a year. Then, we will be up and running for them to join.

Between now and the 17th, I will be posting what the daily reading is and the comments will be open for questions or to talk about things that have inspired you in the passage we are reading. It will give you something to dive into the word with each day while I get this project off the ground. After the 17th, I will continue with the daily reading posts and add in some blog posts pertinent to the passage of the day.

I really hope this builds into a great community where we can work together. Please comment freely. Things that impact you might be lost on someone else who has different life experiences. Open up yourself to the vulnerability of asking questions when you don’t understand something. I know I will be firing some away when we hit the prophets. Despite many attempts by my English teachers over the years, symbolism is lost on me!

Also, if you want to put together a blog post, you can guest post on our site. E-mail me what you have written to and I will pull it all together and get it published, obviously with you being credited with it. I am going to try to stay a week ahead in my reading and blog posts so I can auto-post each morning. Please give it to me a few days ahead of when it needs to be posted so I have time to get it done.

I am quite excited to start this endeavor! I want something to hold us all accountable and eager to complete the Bible over the course of a year. I hope this becomes a site of encouragement and inspiration! Share this with anyone you know who might be interested!

As always, if you have questions, comments, or ideas, please e-mail me at



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